"Harnessing the best local knowledge to deliver global career transition solutions"

Karrierehuset / Sonans Karriere AS

Sonans Karriere AS, founded in 1989, is a leading provider of career counselling services. The company consists of three brands: Karrierehuset, Nordic Academy and Karrieresystemer. 

Karrierehuset serves the private sector with career transition and outplacement services. Karrierehuset’s expertise is downsizing processes and our guidance counselors have significant experience in all facets of career transition and outplacement processes.

Nordic Academy serves the public sector with outplacement services, offering various courses and individual counseling processes tailored to people going through career transitions.

Karrieresystemer is the company’s investment in HR software systems, including the rights to the DISC-profile analysis, and the ownership of the online tool KarrierePRO.

All our courses, programs and services have dedicated coaches and guidance counselors with vast and varied experience within career guidance and outplacement services. All associates have an in-depth knowledge of the current employment market, as well as expertise in the area of higher education. Every process is marked by quality and an individual and flexible approach to support individuals at every organizational level and from all industries and functions.  


Contact Information
Name Barbro Mosseng
Email barbro.mosseng@sonans.no
Telephone Tel: +47 93 46 23 89
Mob: +47 22 00 76 60